Our mission

- "Get your sustainability input regularly and change the world!" -

We are a community that is committed to getting people to act sustainably. With us you will learn in small pieces what sustainability means and how you can actively shape the topic. In doing so, we graze both the individual as well as the scope of action for society as a whole - because solutions are required both in small and large.

That is what drives us

We are motivated to support people and organizations on their way to sustainable action and to convey useful information about sustainability in a practical and plausible way. We want to do this as application-oriented and inspiring as possible. Our goal is to show clearly that with a holistic mindset and good ideas every system can be improved socially, economically and ecologically

That is our way

Motivated by our own interest and the desire to actively contribute to change, we organize for the Hamburg area lectures, training courses and workshops on the topic of sustainability. With these happenings we want to help you build knowledge and a network in order to be able to act in a sustainable way. We focus on topics such as the imparting of sustainable values ​​and method know-how for the implementation of projects, as well as the presentation of committed companies and successful founders from the field of sustainability. We want to motivate everyone to actively create a better future with competence and joy.

Quotes about our Happenings

Sustainability Events

We are currently there with joy and enthusiasm and are planning the next sustainability events in Hamburg. It is our goal to provide you with small and practically-oriented bits of knowledge about sustainability: Sustainability knowledge, which you can use well in your everyday work as well as in your personal environment.

We also develop sustainability concepts for companies. If you are interested, please contact us.

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People behind Happening Hamburg

We are driven by a common, sustainable idea and a passion for creativity: We want happening-hamburg.de and our campaigns to motivate people to act sustainably. As design thinkers and lateral thinkers, we continue to deal with the extensive topic of sustainability and would like to actively take others along on our way. We are:

Wiebke Kudernatsch
User Experience Coach & Product Strategist

"I work as a consultant and trainer in agile organizational development and user-centered product development. Moving people and developing new product ideas and good product solutions have always been my passion. It is my love and what drives me here to use sustainable strategies and tools in the work context and to make a sustainable mindset and methodological knowledge available to others. ”


Jenny Steinhorst
Human Centered & Service Designer

“I am enthusiastic about creative problem-solving processes in a team. As a consultant and workshop moderator, I support companies with a variety of methods to identify the real problem of their target group and to develop suitable and sustainable solutions. I have always had a strong need for social and ecological balance and strive for solutions that take the whole system into account. After I have integrated many sustainable alternatives into my private everyday life, I would now like to integrate sustainability more and more into my everyday work and to exchange ideas. ”