#Workshop – Zukunftsfähige Lösungen mit Provocatyping

#Workshop – Future-proof solutions with provocatyping

„Provokative Ansätze entwicklen und nachhaltige, zukunftsfähige Systeme aufbauen!“ 

Are you interested in sustainable solutions that also promote ethical principles? Then this workshop is the right place for you. With us you learn to critically question innovations and to create sustainable ideas that can work better from a holistic perspective.

# What's this session about?

In our practice-oriented mini-workshop , we deal with sustainability in digital business and present the Provocatype method - "provocative prototyping". In an exemplary design challenge, we will play through the Provocatype approach and work out the advantages of this method from the "ethical design".

In the context of the Design Challenge, we deal with fundamental questions such as:

  • What can the future trend "digitization & sustainability" mean for products and services?
  • How can the ethical and sustainable perspective be integrated into methods?
  • How can new sustainable value systems work in digital product development?

# What are Provocatypes?

In the area of ​​product and service development, the creation of prototypes is an essential building block to quickly implement ideas and concepts. But do these prototypes always lead to the best solutions for society and the environment? Are new technological artefacts such as digital automation processes, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and digital networking well used for a social, ecological and economic system?

In recent years, new ethical design methods have developed based on the digital trends, which also affect the review of sustainable business ideas. The use of so-called “Provocatypes” makes it easier to take a critical look at solution approaches and to verify sustainable ideas with regard to their actual impact.

# Who can participate?

At a workshop followed by a discussion, Happening-Hamburg invites managers, designers, developers and people interested in sustainability to get to know Future Ethics in practice.

# Organizers

We at happening-hamburg.de are a team of design thinkers and lateral thinkers. It is important to us to get people to act sustainably.

With us you will learn in small pieces what sustainability means and how you can actively shape the topic. In doing so, we graze both the individual as well as the scope of action for society as a whole - because solutions are required both in small and large.

Wir – das sind Jenny Steinhorst und Wiebke Kudernatsch – Gründer und Veranstalter von happening-hamburg.de. Auf unserer Reise im Themenfeld der Nachhaltigkeit, mit dem wir uns immer weiter auseinandersetzen, möchten wir andere aktiv mitnehmen.

# Workshop impressions