#Workshop – Design Thinking für Nachhaltigkeit

#Workshop – Design Thinking for Sustainability

"Act sustainably and create future-proof solutions!"

Are you interested in sustainable solutions and recognize the current social, ecological and economic challenges? Then this workshop is the right place for you. With us you will get to know the topic of sustainability in practice and how you can create solutions in a playful and easy way with creative techniques from design thinking.

# What's this series about?

In our practice-oriented evening workshop , we present design thinking - expanded by aspects and the application context of sustainability.You will apply it directly to your individual, everyday challenges and develop mutually new solution strategies in a team.

In this workshop we mainly deal with the questions:

  • What is design thinking for sustainability?
  • How can I practically use design thinking as a tool in a sustainability context?
  • Which methods support the development of sustainable solutions for ecological, social and economic problems?

# What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a method from innovation development. For the development of sustainable, new solution models, it offers great potential for solving complex problems and designing new, meaningful approaches for people and the environment, e.g. in the field of environmental protection, mobility and climate change.

# Who can participate?

It doesn't matter if you already know and have used Design Thinking. If you are interested in creative work and sustainability and are curious to get to know new methods for practice, we look forward to a practice-oriented and interactive evening with you!

# Organizers

Happening Hamburg is a community that is committed to getting people to act sustainably.

With us you will learn in small pieces what sustainability means and how you can actively shape the topic. In doing so, we graze both the individual as well as the scope of action for society as a whole - because solutions are required both in small and large.

As design thinkers and lateral thinkers, we continue to deal with the extensive topic of sustainability and would like to actively take others along on our way.

# Workshop impressions