Quotes about our Happenings

Detail from the idea and scenario development for an ethical design

We are motivated to get people to act sensibly and sustainably and work sustainably and to show them ways and tools to do so. Here are a few feedbacks on our Hamburg happenings on the topic of sustainability:

“Great formats and tasks related to sustainability, where everyone can learn something. I'll be back!"

"Great team of moderators, who respond to the group with sympathy and with the necessary flexibility."

"Good traceability and good structure of the sustainability workshops!"

"Exciting topics! The workshop time passed so quickly. "

"Super professional organization and implementation."

“Everyone can do something in the area of ​​sustainability. I'll take that with me today! "

"Great! Theory combined with the right amount of practice. I really liked that. "

“Great templates and materials in the group work. They helped me to find my way and to get into my own actions. "

“The workshop was not only practical. It was really fun too. Many thanks!"