#Workshop-Reihe: Sustainable & Exponential for Creators (Coming soon)

#Workshop series:
Sustainbale & Exponential for Creators
Tools & methods for a new service design thinking

"Get to know tools and methods and design sustainable, future-oriented service solutions within a design process."

Do you want to act sustainably and develop sustainable solution strategies in Service Design Thinking? Then you are exactly right with this workshop series. With us you will get to know the topic of sustainability in practice and how you can involve new sustainable and progressive thinking within a design thinking process.

# What's this series about?

New business models that develop sustainable services and at the same time serve exponentially driven markets are more in demand than ever. The world needs new ideas. And this is related to an innovation sector that focuses on flexible and regenerative solution systems.

In this workshop series we have our focus on a new Service Design Thinking culture. In order to develop and design future-proof solutions, new holistic perspectives and tools are needed which involve sustainable trends such as circular economy, systems thinking and ethical principles.

# What's can I learn in this workshop series?

The workshop series combines design thinking elements, sustainability aspects, systems thinking and the transfer of ethical values ​​for the development of a regenerative, social and economic system. 

You will learn essential guidelines for successfully designing sustainable services and what is needed conquering future markets.

The aim is to provide you with concrete and practical examples and tools that help to understand and identify sustainable service ideas and to include social, ecological and economic aspects in the service design development.

# Who can participate?

The workshop is aimed at those who work every day in the idea & design development field. People who are interested in how we can develop new sustainable and future services within a design thinking process. Which additional principles and methods are important for working successfully as a coach, product manager, researcher and designer in future.

# When does it start?

The workshop series is in preparation and will include various key topics. If you have any questions in advance, please contact Wiebke Kudernatsch, wiebke@audienceinmind.com