#Impulse Talk – Rethink design in exponential times

#Impulse Talk – Rethink design in exponential times

What if we had a new way to design products, services, and businesses that were good for people, planet and profit?

In this inspirational talk session, we want to make a short deep dive into different perspectives of new design strategies for a sustainable future. This session is made for everybody who wants to widen the perspective in context of sustainability and how to approach this important topic. It’s time to care.

# Program

5 PM Welcome and Introduction
Estefania Fernandez | Entrepreneur and Lecturer

5: 10 PM Presentations 
Lubomila Jordanova | CEO and Founder at Plan A 
Reinhild Otten | Lead UX Designer, Innovation & Circular Design
Wiebke Kudernatsch | UX Specialist and agile Design Sprint coach

6:00 PM Q&A
Estefania Fernandez | Entrepreneur and Lecturer

# Presentations

„Plan A – New ways for a sustainable economy“ (Lubomila Jordanova)
Plan A believes that companies have the power to pave the way to a more sustainable future for our world. They exist to help companies build a carbon-neutral and sustainable economy. For this Plan A developed the first Emissions Reduction Software which allows businesses to calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint on a monthly basis. The software provides personalised sustainability action plans and sustainable development focused offsetting scheme that responds to the companies carbon footprint analysis.

“From linear to circular – design strategies” (Reinhild Otten)
What does it mean when designers have the opportunity to contribute to an overall healthier planet by considering the environmental and human health of the products, materials and services? How can we re-design and transform linear business models into circular future design strategies?

“Breakthrough business models – Designing products and services in exponential times”
(Wiebke Kudernatsch)
We are living in a period of growing turbulence, a period of exponential change, disruption and uncertainty. Tomorrow’s business models must pursue positive social, ecological and environmental outcomes to drive real progress towards a sustainable agenda. Having a sustainability focus needs to shift to new types of business model thinking that can enable novel forms of value creation of services and products. Breakthrough business models will be increasingly exponential—in at least four dimensions: Social, Lean, Integrated and Circular.

# Speaker


Founder & CEO of Plan A, a Berlin-based startup developing a SaaS platform that helps businesses calculate, monitor and reduce the carbon footprint and an algorithm which predicts where and how climate change will hit the hardest, using over 300,000 data points. https://plana.earth/


Reinhild is a Freelance Lead UX Designer with interest in Innovation and Circular Economy with 15+ year experience on complex projects of international enterprises. She gained knowledge about Circular Design by attending trainings in the past years at e.g. at Dr. Leyla Acaroglu at coproject.co, Tom Brosschaert “Symbiosis in development” at except.nl or the “World circular economy forum” organized by sitra.fi in Helsinki. linkedin.com/in/reinhildotten/


Wiebke is a highly skilled UX specialist and agile Design Sprint coach from Hamburg. In her work she is eager to combine design methods with new principles for developing sustainable services. Wiebke is a member of the UN volunteering program supporting international NGOs with her service design knowledge. In addition, she founded a non-profit organization by herself with HAPPENING HAMBURG to support Hamburg’s activities for sustainable design thinking and ethical service design. happening-hamburg.de


Spanish expat entrepreneur and lecturer, enjoying the startup scene in Berlin and focusing on business model innovation – Organizer of “Business Model Innovators” Meetup. meetup.com/pt-BR/BusinessModelInnovators/

# Co-Host


Factory Berlin is an ecosystem of over 3,000 members from more than 70 nations located on two campuses. Gathering the most ambitious creators from the tech, creative and corporate industries, we curate our diverse community to connect, collaborate and thrive together. https://factoryberlin.com/events

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